Meet Bryan Laird, Primo's Water Quality Expert


At Primo, we aim to treat everyone as neighbors. With over 170 million Americans drinking radioactive tap water, we’re concerned that your water may not be as safe as you think it is. We believe it’s our duty to do the right thing and help change that—one Primo water bottle at a time.

Primo is committed to inspiring people to lead healthier lives thru better water. Whether you want to drink big or drink healthy, our entire team is dedicated to helping you create healthy hydration habits. We’ve made it our mission to provide you with a safer alternative to tap water right in your home and work tirelessly to protect you and those you care about from the harmful contaminants found in tap water through our effective water purification process.

We may be the underdog, but we won’t give up until the job is done. Need more proof? Just ask our friend Bryan.

Bryan Laird takes a stand against tap water every day with us as Primo’s Director of Water Quality and Compliance for the U.S. and Canada. Bryan is a tremendous asset to the Primo team, with over 30 years of experience working in commercial, industrial and municipal water treatment. Prior to joining Primo in 2010, he worked with U.S. Filter in Palm Desert, CA and WaterGroup Canada Regina, SK. At Primo, Bryan works closely with our refill, exchange, dispenser and customer service teams to ensure that we’re following the latest water safety we can keep delivering the safest possible water to you.

In addition to supporting these teams, Bryan is constantly keeping tabs on the ever-changing regulatory environment. With the recent rise in high profile water contamination incidents in the U.S. and Canada, consumers are demanding safer drinking water which we anticipate will be both an opportunity and a challenge for our business. Primo is proud to be a member of various industry associations at which Bryan sits on committees to ensure that both our interests and those of our loyal customers are well represented.

We wouldn’t be able to keep on challenging tap water without someone as passionate about water safety as Bryan on our side. So, go ahead. Challenge what you drink. We hope we’ve inspired you to join Bryan and the rest of us at Primo in standing up against unsafe tap water.

Keep coming back for more about water quality and other hot topics—we’ve got some great content coming your way!


More About Brian Laird

Bryan Laird is the Director of Water Quality and Compliance (QC) for Primo’s business in the U.S. and Canada.  With over 30 years of commercial, industrial and municipal water treatment experience he works closely with the refill, exchange, dispenser and customer service teams to ensure that regulatory and compliance protocols are followed.

Bryan is based in Cambridge, ON Canada and came to Primo with the Culligan (Rosemoint, IL) acquisition in 2010.  Prior to that he was with U.S. Filter (Palm Desert, CA) and WaterGroup Canada (Regina, SK).

In addition to supporting the various Primo teams Bryan is constantly monitoring the ever changing regulatory environment.  Recent high profile water contamination events in the U.S. and Canada have consumers demanding improvements to drinking water safety which will prove to be both an opportunity and a challenge for our business.

Primo is a member of various industry associations and Bryan is embedded on relevant committees to ensure our interests and the interests of our customers are well represented.

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