• A Modern Cake Recipe for the Busy Holiday Host

    Holiday parties take a dizzying amount of planning, from decking the halls to finding a day that works with everyone’s hectic schedules. And if you’re planning on exchanging gifts, then you’ve got..

  • The surprising gift for the favorite people on your list

    It’s officially the gifting season, and let’s face it—another sweater or more socks is not going to cut it this year. If you’re on the hunt for unique and memorable holiday gifts for those..

  • 7 Ways to Water Your Life: Self-Care Tips & Activities

    Cooler weather and the upcoming holidays make fall a busy and exciting season. One thing to keep in mind is making time to take care of your own needs. Little acts of self-care throughout the day..

  • Rehydrate to Refocus: How Drinking Water Can Make You More Productive

    If your mind’s wandering and you’re struggling to focus on your work, your procrastination may just be a matter of dehydration. After all, it’s not just our bodies that need water; our minds need..

  • Sports Drinks vs. Water: Which is Better?

    When you’re thirsty, do you refill your water bottle or reach for a sports drink? You might think your choice doesn’t matter, but it actually might—depending on a few factors, that is. If you’re..

  • How To Make Your Water More Energy-Boosting

    Coffee will help you beat that morning slump, but not everyone can handle that caffeine spike, especially not when the 2pm crash comes around. And if you take your coffee with a lot of sugar, you..

  • How You’re Hydrating Wrong

    You’ve been hydrating wrong. But don’t worry—so has everyone! With so many hydration myths and “rules” out there, something as simple as drinking water has become harder than it should be...

  • 5 Meaningful Ways to Show Employee Appreciation

    As more and more offices across the nation reopen, how we work is changing again. Whether your workplace is transitioning back into the office, going fully remote or trying a hybrid model, make..

  • Sustainable Living Tips You Can Use Today

    We all want to protect the environment, but sometimes "going green" can be a little overwhelming. With so much to do, can one household really impact the environment? The truth is: absolutely!..

  • How to Encourage Family Fitness

    With school out, summer break is the perfect time to set fitness goals for your family. Getting enough exercise throughout the day is important for adults, but it can be even more important for..

  • Summer Staycation Ideas for Families

    You don’t need to head to a resort to make your family’s summer break fun and rewarding. You can take a staycation! A staycation is a vacation spent at home or in your own town, allowing you to..

  • How to Know You’re Dehydrated (Before You’re Thirsty)

    Staying hydrated seems simple. When you’re thirsty, just drink some water and you should be fine, right? It actually turns out that following our thirst isn’t all that reliable—by the time you’re..


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