• Is Chlorophyll Water Good for You?

    Liquid chlorophyll has taken over the wellness side of TikTok in the past month, with more than 219 million views for the #chlorophyll hashtag. Influencers are making a wide variety of claims..

  • Why You Should Be Getting Your Water Delivered

    Over the past year, more people have started relying on the Internet for their shopping needs and home delivery services. Because of the pandemic, the average person now does about half of the..

  • Healthy Summertime Tips

    Summertime is almost here, which means swimming, sandcastles and family cookouts are too! Unfortunately, warmer weather increases the risk of heat injury, such as heat strokes and sunburns. Here..

  • Eco-Friendly Habits for Families

    Teaching your family healthy habits (like drinking enough water) should include habits that are healthy for the environment too! April is Earth Month, and with Earth Day on April 22nd, now is the..

  • Primo Water is Now Good To Go in San Antonio

    From our high-quality water dispensers for your home or office to the many refill and exchange stations across North America, Primo Water is all about making it easy to get the hydration you need..

  • Infused Water: Take Your Water Game Up a Notch

    Let's be honest, staying properly hydrated isn't always easy. One of the biggest challenges to getting our recommended daily dose of H2O might be how we think about the water we drink. 

  • Want a Great, Easy Meal? Just Add Water

    Everyone enjoys a great meal. But making good food can feel onerous and unattainable. We may not always have the time, the ingredients or, let's be honest, the energy to whip up something special..

  • Don’t Forget Water During National Nutrition Month

    Did you know that it is National Nutrition Month? Every year in March, the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics embarks on a campaign to educate the public about healthy nutrition. Sadly, this..

  • Sleep Right with Water By Your Side

    Do you ever feel like some traditions just do not make sense anymore? Take Daylight Saving Time (DST), for example… of which we'll have no choice here shortly.

  • Raise a Glass (of Water) to American Heart Month

    It's February, and love is in the air. With Valentine's Day just a few days away, the heart swells with adoration for the loved ones whom we are lucky to hold near or longing for ones who are too..

  • Contaminant Spotlight: Mercury

    Mercury is one of the most interesting and exotic elements on the periodic table. The substance is rarely found in its pure form in the environment. However, it does occur naturally in other..

  • Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Primo Water

    We talk about the Primo Lifestyle a lot. And for many good reasons. Not the least of which is that proper hydration can help you lead a healthier existence.


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